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Google+ Logo PictureDo you like to save money? Do you like Inside Info? Well, you've come to the right place.


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Feels good to have all eyes on you after your latest trip to the hair salon doesn't it? You bet it does. Blonde after Salon Santa Monica Treatment picture

That feeling is so delicious you would like to bottle it and take a drink whenever it tickles your fancy.

Well, Next Salon,
310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 has the "bottle" you seek.

Not only that, Noori at Next Salon will give to it TO YOU at a 20% savings IF you mention this web page.

So, how do you grab your bottle of "All Eyes On You"?

Simply call 310-392-6645,
now, even if it's 2:00 AM, and tell us what you want in your "bottle".

Is it new hair color or highlights, Keratin or Japanese Hair Straightening,
a haircut or new hair styling, hair extensions, skin care, hair removal, eyebrow or lip threading or maybe semi-permanent eyelashes?

Your Next Salon is a full service Hair Salon and THE 1-stop provider of your beauty dreams come true.

Again, call us at 310-392-6645 or Click Here Now ==> Santa Monica Hair Salon.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Los Angeles | Santa Monica

Wedding hair and Makeup Los Angeles means you never have enough time as a bride=to-be.

Wedding hair and makeup Sant MonicaThere are hundreds of tasks on your checklist and not enough time to do them.

That's why we at Next Salon in Santa Monica, CA are here to help you
with all your wedding beauty needs.

We have the most empathy for your bridal feelings and we are the most results driven of all bridal salons Los Angeles.

Now we know you are skeptical. That is a good thing. Therefore, check out the wedding hair Los Angeles video below.

Turn on your speakers and turn up the volume.

Click Here Now ==> Wedding Hair and


Next, while it is on your mind, give us a call now at 310-392-6645, to set up your FREE bridal consultation.

Grab your 15% Bridal Party Savings.

Don't forget to give me your comments
and LIKE your wedding video on YouTube and FaceBook for Wedding Makeup Los Angeles and Wedding Makeup Artist Los Angeles.



Santa Monica|Los Angeles|Hair|Salons|Salon

Hair Salon Santa Monica Blues!

Check out your latest article on how to
solve the Santa Monica Hair Salons blues
on one of our skin care blogs.

You'll enjoy reading how one former
New Yorker
found the right hair salon
for her beauty needs.

Read all about it by Clicking Here
Now ==> Santa Monica Hair Salons.


"Help Me! I Feel Horrible
About My Looks

That's what our client Joni Johnson said about herself BEFORE her first appointment at Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

Joni was desparate because a string of bad things happened to make her depressed and look and feel badly.

Joni says Ms. Noori Daili helped her turn her life around. Read the full story by Clicking Here Now ==> Hair Salon Santa Monica.



Hair|Salon|Santa Monica|Los Angeles

Breaking News!


Next Salon has a brand new mobile website.

We're so excited about and it's so good we are offering you 15% savings on your 1st appointment!

How do you get it?

Simple enough, on your mobile phone, Click Here Now ==> Hair Salon Santa Monica.

You may also key in

Show us the Next Salon mobile site on your mobile phone. Then, you get 15% savings on your 1st appointent.

How cool is that?

I'd say pretty cool.

Even faster, scan the barcode or QRCode below with your smart phone scanning software

hair salon santa monica qrcode image

Scan the image above with your smart
phone scanner.

Don't have the smart phone scanning software? Ok, click on the link below:

Now you and I both know you don't want to leave this page empty handed. Do you?


So now, while you got that feeling, jump on over to your new Next Salon mobile site for MORE savings, directions and special offers.

And hey, phones still work. Call us now at 310-392-6645.

We'll keep your chair nice and comfy
for you.



Hair Straightening Los Angeles Style by Noori at Next Salon

Noori's on the Radio!


That's right, your founder, owner and stylist at Next Salon is on the radio.

Noori spoke for 15 minutes on how to straighten your hair and be happy with the results using Keratin cosmetics and beauty supply products.

Here's how to check her out:


- Turn on your speakers.


- Turn up the volume.


- Close the pop up ad if it appears.


- Click on the PLAY buton and enjoy

- Now simply click here ==> Los Angeles Hair Straightening.


Get more tips here ==> Brazilian Blowout Los Angeles Malibu Style.

Get your frizzy, wavy, curly and kinky hair straightened by calling Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405.



Los Angeles Hair Straightening by Noori Daili

It's unreasonable to think your hair will get straight on its own.

Staring at it and wishing your frizzy, kinky, curly, wavy hair would straighten is lunacy.

Do I have your attention now?




I know you're through with spending 1-3 hours day straightening that mess on the top of your head.


Stop the madness!


Right now, get your The Best Brazilian Blowout Los Angeles with Coppola Keratin Hair Straightening at Next Salon, 310-392-6645.


Mention this webpage and you'll get 15% savings.


Your time to act is now.


Find your kinky hair's salvation by calling Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, CA 90405.


Brazilian Blowout|Hair Straightening|Los Angeles|Venice

My friend and client Nikki Blades tells why Hair Straightening, Los Angeles made her feel Very Dangerous!

Why you ask?


It's best to let Nikki B. explain in her own words by clicking on the link above.


However, here's a hint. It has something to do with how Keratin Hair Treatment changed her feelings for the better.


Check out the newly dangerous Nikki by clicking Here Now ==> Brazilian Blowout Los Angeles.

You may also drop by my hair straightening Los Angeles salon at 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica CA 90405.


Los Angeles|Santa Monica Hair Straightening
Your Hair Straightening Los Angeles headquarters is at Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, CA 90405.


You can get Keratin Treatment, Brazilian Blowout, Japanese, Yuko, Permanent and Thermal hair straightening at Next Salon.

All will dramaticaly alter your look make people wonder what's new about you.


Generally, Brazilian Blowout (no formaldehyde) or Keratin Hair Treatment takes less time to apply and lasts about 3 to 5 months.


Yuko or Japanese Hair Straightening takes longer to apply and last 6 to 12 months.


Conveniently, you have access to a lot info about both. As you'll discover, Next Salon is your hair straightening headquarters.


For Brazilian Blowout|Keratin Treatment Click Here Now ==> Hair Straightening Los Angeles.


Get more on Keratin Complex by Clicking Here Now ==> Brazilian Blowout Los Angeles.


Clear up all the confusion about Brazilian Blowout or just BKT and get your questions answered by Clicking Here Now ==> Los Angeles Brazilian Blowout.


Find out how to be invited to your daily Monster Santa Monica Salon
Hair Straightening Party.

Who can come?


Maybe you can get the secret password by Clicking Here Now ==> Hair Straightening Malibu|Los Angeles.


On this website, you can get great Before and After pictures and sure to please info on how to get your hair straightened.


Click Here Now ==> Hollywood|Los Angeles Hair Straightening.


Like the longer lasting qualities of Japanese Hair Straightening? All right, then get straight by Clicking Here Now ==> Japanese|Yuko Hair Straightening Los Angeles|Marina Del Rey.


Want even more info on Permanent Hair Straightening? Click Here Now ==> Los Angeles Japanese Straightening.


Get private access to a great video on the Yuko System, Japanese Straightening by Clicking Here Now ==> Los Angeles|Santa Monica Japanese Straightening.


Remember Next Salon at 310-392-6645 is your headquarters for Hair Straightening Los Angeles|Santa Monica.



Keratin|Hair|Treatment Santa Monica, CA
Keratin Treatment
- Are you tired of straightening your hair before leaving every morning?

Depressed about all the time you lose daily on this process?


Your solution has arrived. It's Keratin Complex Hair Smooting also called Coppola Keratin Treatment.


It makes your hair straight, smooth, silky and inviting.


Make your call now to Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, CA 90405.

Your call will get you the sexy straight hair you always wanted.


Get all your sizzling Keratin Hair Treatment news by clicking here now ==> Keratin Straightening.


Want to book online even if it's 2:00 AM? Then, click here now ==> Keratin Hair.




Boat Cleaning Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Boat cleaning in Marina Del Rey, CA leads to hair cleaning in Santa Monica, CA. Neglect either and its time to get expert care.


Hair Salon|in|Los Angeles|Santa Monica|Venice|CA
You ever miss your old Hair Stylist |in| Los Angeles? She knew every hair on your head.

Find her at Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street Santa Monica, CA 90405. Go see her online by clicking here ==> Santa Monica hair salon.

Stop them smirking and get head turning, jaw dropping
looks at hair salon, Los Angeles, CA.



Got the hair salon in Los Angeles Blues? Yeah, well me too. I called Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, Ca 90405.

I felt and looked 100% better. The jiggle and the bounce in my step is back!

I found this article about one of the best hair|salons|salon, Los Angeles|CA which
put me on the right path at beauty salons, Los Angeles. The video was pretty



Beauty Salons, Los Angeles.
Are they too generous?

Well, I called Next Salon,

310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405.


I had to check on the rumor they were giving out bonuses to their hair salon clients like AIG did.

I was
outraged and furious. However, after talking to Noori, the owner, I found
out the truth was stranger than fiction.

Find out the real deal by Clicking

Here Now ==>
hair|beauty|salons|salon Los Angeles.



Thermal Hair Straightening.
Call Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA.

Stylists solve curly, frizzy hair with Japanese Hair Straightening.

Thermal Science penetrates the hair and straightens it from the inside out.

Permanent Hair Straightening lasts up to a year. Also called Yuko Hair Straightening.

Get 10% savings on hair straightening products and services while supplies and available bookings last.

There is hope for the curly haired girls with How to Straighten Hair.



"Removing Black Hair Dye" at Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Let me tell you a secret.

Coloring hair is a tricky business. It is tricky particularly if you want to
remove black hair dye.

Home removal is a disaster. The dangers of black hair dye are not known to the
general public.

Only a professional hair stylist should fade or wash out permanent black hair dye.

Therefore call me at 310-392-6645 to learn about removing and the Dangers of Black Hair Dye.



"Stylist in Los Angeles" Stylists are everywhere in Los Angeles. Good stylists in LosAngeles are not.

I know since I own one in the Greater Los Angeles area. Now,
I bet you think I am biased.


After all, I own Next Salon, 310-392-6645, 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

Well, I believe we're one of the best. But keep an open mind and read on here ==> Stylist in Los Angeles.



"Hair Salons in Los Angeles, California" Be careful when finding a good stylist in Los Angeles.

I know I wish I was before I went to Next Salon. They made my girlfriend look a little too good for my taste.

She's now attracting too much attention. But if you think your game is tight give
them a call at 310-392-6645 and make an appointment.

You can also drop in at 2400 Main Street,
Santa Monica, CA 90405. I warn you, you'd better be prepared when your woman walks out.

See what happened to me here ==> Hair Salons in Los Angeles California.




"Holiday Hair- Am I Bad for Wanting it Sexy?" My previous article on Holiday|Sexy|Hair|Styles (see below) got me and my salon a lot of positive attention.

Therefore I wrote a sequel with three more powerful
tips. Between the two articles that's eleven dynamite tips for Holiday Hair.

Don't waste any more
time, the holidays will soon be over. Call us now at 310-392-6645 for your Holiday makeover.

Gooble up my latest article before your next holiday party here ==> Holiday Hair.




Holiday|Sexy|Hair|Styles- Here's my confession... I went Wild After I Got Holiday Sexy Hair!


I tried to control myself but I just couldn't. I was overwhelmed by all the attention my sexy holiday hair and skin got from the opposite sex.


STOP and ask yourself this key question... with 15% savings and a money back, no questions asked guarantee, what do you have to lose?


Not a thing. Now, while you're thinking about it, call Next Salon at 310-392-6645 and make an appointment.


Learn more about Holiday Sexy Hair. Click Here Now ==> Holiday|Sexy|Hair|Styles.




Acne Treatment- "Acne Treatment is so embarrassing, isn't it?" Especially now that we're not teenagers anymore.


Sometimes I just want to put on a mask before I go out. Don't fret, I've got the solution for adult acne.


Simply call us at 310-392-6645 or come in to Next Salon at 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica CA 90405 and we'll fix your acne problem for you.


Learn more about acne treatments and get 15% savings on your first facial by Clicking Here Now ==> Acne Treatment. 




Facial Rejuvenation Santa Monica- “WHO ELSE WANTS SMOG FREE SKIN?”


Los Angeles Skin Care- Dateline Los Angeles|Newport|Long Beach|San Fernando Valley, California.


Every time you leave L.A. on a trip your skin care seems easier. When you return your skin becomes a mess.


What gives? Click Here Now ==> Los Angeles Facial Rejuvenation.





Skin care in Los Angeles and smog just don't mix. They are enemies. Get the key to skin care victory.


Click Here Now ==> Los Angeles skin care.



Los Angeles Botox- Warning!
Don't get Botox without checking out the risks and a Botox Alternative.


Hurry, find out what Botox really does and does not do. Click Here Now ==> Los Angeles Botux.




Newport|Long Beach Skin Care- STOP!
Facial Blog clients looking for facials in San Fernando Valley, California, Newport Beach and Long Beach.


My clients commented on their satisfaction with my skin care Los Angeles style.

Get sexier skin. Go now to my Newsletter at
Santa Monica Salon|Beauty Tips.



Skin Care Los Angeles- Stop!
Did you know there is scientific proof Los Angeles smog, sun and other pollutants can damage your precious skin?


Well they can. Get the cure. Click here now ==> Los Angeles Skin Care.



Los Angeles Skin Care- Who Else Wants Younger Looking Skin on their wedding day?

Click Here now ==> Los Angeles Skin Care.


Check out my new Blog if you think you qualify for healthy looking skin. Click here now ==> Skin Care in Los Angeles.



Santa Monica Salon Jobs
- You are ready for success, aren't you?


Wanted! Licensed Stylists, Estheticians and Manicurists.Salon Jobs are immediately available.


If you think you qualify for success then click here now ==> Salon Jobs Santa Monica.



Santa Monica Wedding Hair Hairstyles-
Think back to the time you were a little girl. You imagined your perfect wedding.


Find out how Santa Monica Salon Soft Updos For Weddings help you make your wedding dreams a reality.


Click Here now ==> Santa Monica Salon Wedding Updos.



Blog Comments Warning!
Reading a recent breakthrough in BLOG COMMENTS may immediately cause you to rush in to Next Salon!


Get Newsletter savings and info in my Newsletter at Santa Monica|Hair Salon|Beauty Tips|Tips|Ca|90405|Next Salon.



Santa Monica Beach Weddings- Who else wants unforgettable Santa Monica Beach Wedding Hair Styles?




Bridal Hair Styles- Get the absolute best in Wedding Hair Styles, Wedding Hair, Bridal Hair Styles, Wedding Hair Accessories and Bridal Makeup.


Click on your New WEDDING HAIR STYLES article entitled "Wedding Hair Styles For Brides and Bridesmaids".




Eyelash|Lash Extensions Los Angeles- Hurry! Get in on the latest Beauty Trend, Eyelash Extensions as I explain in Eyelash Extensions - Los Angeles.


Get 10% SAVINGS with my SPECIAL by clicking on EYELASH EXTENSIONS.


While you are at it, also check out my latest article, EYELASH EXTENSIONS- Madonna In The News




Eyebrow Threading- Get the low down on the newest Exotic Beauty Secret by clicking on my article about EYEBROW THREADING LOS ANGELES.





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